Mekong – Boat trip

Today we had accepted the offer of our homestay for a 5-6 h boat trip with various stops (30 USD pP).

Our hostel father outwitted me a little bit and the first km we had to ride on the bike. Well, I survived.

The boat trip was great: we were alone with our captain and he showed us many interesting things.

Fish farms on land and floating in the river, for carp, catfish and snakeheadfish. – a cocoa plantation and a chocolate factory chocolate with a high cocoa content and e.B. cashew, chilli or coconut flavor , – a beekeeping, – coconut candy manufacturer (we ate a coconut ice cream) it is offered there e.B also coconut wine directly in the coconut shell and in whiskey pickled cobra (Reiner has tried)

We also changed into a small paddle boat on the way and were driven a side arm to a snack with fruit, tea and traditional music.

The sunset on the Mekong was also very nice. Back at Homestay, a delicious dinner with fried jackfruit and hotpot awaited us.


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