Oahu – Sunrise Makua Beach – Turtle – Ko Olena Lagoon – Pearl Harbor – Waikiki Beach – Chinamans Hat – Kualoa Ranch – Ben&Jerrys

We left before breakfast today to catch the sunrise and possibly dolphins and sea turtles at Makua Beach, west coast. For me the pull of the surf was too strong, so I quickly got out of the water. Reiner ventured further out and swam with a turtle for a long time!

Although overnight camping is prohibited, many mostly young people sleep there partly in tents and hammocks 5-6 per tree.

After snorkeling, we first had breakfast at Subways and then headed back towards Honolulu to Ko Olina. There are four man-made lagoons there. Very romantic, very “Disney Land”. After that we went to Pearl Harbor. You can visit a part of the military area that was heavily bombed in 1941 during WW2. Sunk ships can still be seen there. There are guided tours, a museum and shuttle buses – and ferries to the wrecks. We just walked along the harbor once and read through the plaques. After Pearl Harbor, we were at Waikiki – Beach.

There is not such a strong surf there and so I could snorkel again. We saw lots of colorful fish in a reef just offshore. The beach is beautiful, but also full of people. Parking cost for 1.5 h 12 USD. After a long snorkel we let ourselves dry and went on to the east coast to Chinaman s Hat. This is a small uninhabited island, about 500m off Oahu, which looks like a Chinese hat. A little further up the coast there is the Kualoa Ranch. You can go horseback riding, take a tour to Jurassic Park locations, biking or high ropes course, … . Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for that. To end the day, we shared a Ben + Jerry’s ice cream and cooked pasta again in our AirB+B, because sauce was over. There was even time to go to Carcassonne. I defended my lead.


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