Machu Picchu

Today we explored the long lost ruined city of the Incas “Machu Picchu”. We went up by bus from Aguas Calientes. At the top, the first thing we did was get a stamp in our passport! At 12:00 we had our admission appointment. On site, we hired an English-speaking guide who accompanied us and a Norwegian couple through the city. Machu Picchu has been built in the 15th century terraced at an altitude of 2430 m by the Incas and abandoned about 100 years later for unknown reasons. Today only a few llamas live there. The buildings are located on a ridge between the peaks “Huaya Picchu” and “Machu Picchu”. There are different tickets. Today we only visited the city. We had the best weather and a great view.

It is amazing how precisely the huge rocks were set into each other and how well the walls are still preserved. The water supply and sewage system are also still intact. Since the Incas worshipped the natural elements, or had a sun god, the temple is oriented to the sunrise on the horizon between the peaks. On a given day, the sun shines through the window at sunrise. There is also a stone on the highest point of the city complex, which can be used to determine the cardinal points. Overall, it is a fascinating, majestic, almost unreal place. After the tour we walked around on our own for a while and then started the descent about 1700 m down the stairs to Aguas Calientes. There we were still beautiful Italian food.


PS. Before the entrance to Machu Picchu one is informed that there are no toilets inside the facility. One may also not go out in between times on the toilet in front of the gate. This could certainly be regulated differently, with 2 to 4 hours of sightseeing or hiking. The entrance fee for tourists is 152 – 200 Soles pP, depending on which points or peaks you want to visit. The guide could be negotiated down to 20 USD. The bus ride costs 12,50 USD pP. one way uphill or downhill. From Cusco to Aguas Calientes again there and back (bus and train) 100 USD pP.. All in all almost as expensive as Disneyland!


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