Boracay – Bolabog Beach

Since my skin got a bit of sun yesterday, we were not on the beach today for a swim. Instead, we looked at the other side of the coast. You can walk across the island within a few minutes. Boracay is shaped like a bone. The wind at Bolabog Beach is a bit rougher and many kite surfers romp around in the water. Overall, there is much less operation there, which is actually quite nice. However, the sand is darker. Seaweed and also some rubbish are washed up. The boards have quite a bit of speed on it. You can go swimming better at White Beach, on "our" side.

After we increased our cash, Reiner signed up for a multi-day diving course. "Open water diver". He got a thick textbook and start is tomorrow.We then walked long on the beach during the sunset and ate a pizza at Yellow Cab. Now Reiner is learning for his diving license.


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